Notes on Materials, Color, + Care


We primarily work in two domestically sourced FSC-compliant woods - white oak and walnut - for a large portion of our furniture. That said, we are happy to extend custom material and finish options to our clients on all of our products, so please get in touch. Our slabs come from our relationships with sawyers, allowing us to deliver incredibly special pieces to our clients. For full care instructions, please find our care sheet below.

︎︎︎ Wood + Color | Tear Sheet
︎︎︎ Wood + Color | Care Sheet

Color + Finish

We offer three colors harnessing the innate qualities of our wood.

NATURAL: Standard is our natural finish, a no VOC hard-wax oil that is beautiful and durable, that allows the natural character of the wood to shine through.

LIGHTENED: Our lightened finish is a labor intensive process that removes some of the color of the wood, and is protected by the same hard-wax oil for surface quality and durability.

EBONIZED: Our ebonized finish is made in-house, and is a labor-intensive natural process for blackening wood using the natural tannins of the material. This dark finish has some transparency, so you can enjoy the character of the material. It is protected by the same hard-wax oil for surface quality and durability.

︎︎︎ Wood + Color | Tear Sheet


Yellow bronze - commonly thought of as brass - is the primary complimentary metal we work with. We have a variety of surface treatments and patina’s that we offer, focusing on natural brass, dirty brass, and silver nitrate patina. We are happy to explore other possibilities as well.