Oblong Table

Our Oblong Tables are offered as sides tables or scaled up (and can be scaled up to dining size too!). Our tables are available in a variety of woods, with several possibilities for surface applications and legs. We offer standard tops, as well as unique material with beautiful character. Tell us what you’re interested in! Sizes are typical, and we regularly work with customized dimensions.

Custom sizes available, below sizes are typical.

Natural finish / Ebonized or Lightened
18 x 22 In – $1,400 / $1,700
3 x 2 ft – $2,400 / $2,700
4 x 3 ft – $3,400 / $3,800
4 x 4 ft – $4,400 / $4,800

Top Options
Standard top
Slab top – cost dependent on material

Leg Options
Round Bronze
Round Wood

Surface Options
Constellation inlays
Boro inlays
Brass / wood butterflies
Engraved brass plate inlays

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